JTA is experienced in all aspects of the lifecycle of aviation systems. This includes requirements analysis and definition; trade studies and financial analysis; design concepts, system description and functional design; and system design development and specifications.

Airspace Analysis and Engineering

JTA conducts airspace analysis to ensure the optimization of the total system design to support current and future demands. The staffing, procedures and automation components, as well as their interrelationships, are identified to support the operational constraints and requirements.

Airport Planning

JTA supports numerous elements within the spectrum of airport planning. Our extensive experience in airport and aviation cost-benefit analysis, airport finance, fees and charges, demand forecasting, noise analysis, and airport capacity and aircraft delay appraisals ensures project success.

Aviation Economics

JTA offers world-class services in all aspects of aviation economics. JTA works with customers to establish the cost and revenue-basis for infrastructure improvements such as airspace modernization. JTA's analysis considers demand forecasts, user fee modeling and technological transition.


JTA works with customers in the planning, development, and implementation of aviation ground-based and satellite-based communications systems. Our demonstrated ability in current and future technology is the result of years of staff and field experience.

Navigation and Landing Systems

JTA helps clients in the US and internationally in the overall management of navigation and landing systems. JTA is knowledgeable in today's technology and the evolving global navigation satellite system technologies. From the earliest planning stages, to system deployment and finally to operational implementation and transition, JTA supports the total lifecycle. We have extensive Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Area Navigation (RNAV) expertise and experience.

Radar and Surveillance

JTA provides expertise to support existing radar and non-radar surveillance as well as emerging tools such as automatic dependent surveillance. JTA can help resolve specific problems like radar siting, as well as complex problems like designing a comprehensive surveillance system architecture. Our ASET © tool set supports line of site radiating device analysis.


JTA provides innovative solutions to automation system problems. One way is by leveraging our software capability into rapid prototypes that are developed into effective, workable solutions. JTA has participated in air traffic control automation programs around the world and built and deployed automations systems in the International community.

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